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פארק חבלים

“Indi park” is a boutique park in the upper galil that combines a variety of activities and experiences for all ages. 

The unique surface around the river allows people of all ages to enjoy it.

 Enjoy a lovely trip across the river afront the hermon and golan mountains.

All-inclusive ticket includes free use of all the park facilities:

sailing in jordan river + park activities +  recycle workshops+ bicycle trip

Sail in the Jordan river- The unique surface around the river allows people of all ages to enjoy it. Even one year olds! The water is calm and safe.  Experience a variety of sea crafts for all ages: Sup[Stand up Paddle Boards] and sail on the Jordan- our exclusive wet action adventure spot, kayaks , Pedal boats and Indian canoe.

A variety of facilties in our special park in a beautiful forest :  Rope Park, Climbing waterfall Wall, Omega for kids, Inflatable, Bow and Arrow, mini golf ,  water slides for kids  and more.

A variety of recycle workshops and nature creation- open all day and no material limit

* The workshop of pine cones and natural materials: this workshop deals with creation from nature as far as the imagination can take you using an abundance of natural materials and featuring an inspirational, original sample stand.

* Carton recycle and sculpturing: A workshop that suits all ages, using natural materials and carton you can make almost everything you want!

 * Bamboo workshop: Mobiles and dream catchers made out of natural materials and bamboo.

bicycle trip - come and meet our wonderful area. Go on a fun bike ride near the fruit plantations of Yessod H'amaala village.

שייט סירות פדאלים לילדים
סאפ משפחות
חץ וקשת

Pay attention!

Up to 1 hour sailing with one craft to choose from

Toilets , Hot showers exist on site

It's advisable to come with a hat , sunscreen and water

The season ended on 31 October 2019

See you soon on Spring 2020

וואטסאפ -הפנייה לאינדיפארק

Welcome to Israel

Welcome to the upper Galil

Welcome to IndiPark 

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